Vending machines, a prospect from the past that has quickly become the need of the hour. A technology that can allow our customers to sell their product 24/7 with minimum possible contact and the general public can get the product in a few easy steps with no standing in queues for just making payments.
We at Rumeet engineers are here to help make your business contactless with ease of accessing the product at the nearest vending machine- 24/7. Our promise is to deliver customized vending solutions that cater to your product specific needs- be it variety, sizes, temperature requirement, etc. If you require it, our job is to fulfill it.



  • To provide a complete automated vending solution for any product category
  • To be every entrepreneur’s choice for product vending solutions
  • To provide agile R&D service to create cost effective custom solutions
  • To help our customers sell products 24/7 via our vending machines


  • To cater to FMCG business Pan India by providing customized automated stores (vending machines) with minimum human interaction
  • To build a trusted business network catering to a minimum of 500 machines by 2024

Our Story

March 2020 brought about a lot of uncertainty & changes in our day today life. As we got busy with some household work, we found a problem that required addressing to make our lives easier - even if it is in a small way. The problem was extensive wait time at all local shops as we waited for shopkeepers to collect & give us our items followed by wait time for making payments. The solution to this problem seemed rather simple at the start – Vending machine!
Vending machines are essentially like small completely automated stores, a customer has to merely select the products they want, make payment & collect the items. However, as we researched further, we realized that though this concept is almost ancient now, it does not have the flexibility of the modern world. Like most things, these machines have been standardized to cater to specific type of products & that too within a certain size range. This is how our quest for providing customized vending solutions began. After a thorough research into the subject, extensive planning & problem solving – we at Rumeet Engineers are ready to take on any challenge you have for us. We would love to hear about your products and work on a vending machine that caters to your needs.
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